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Choosing A Groomer!

Happy Tailz Grooming Salon is dedicated to providing your pet with professional and loving grooming services. We promise to handle your pet with care and kindness each time they visit our facility. We have pets of our own and understand what an important member your dog or cat is to your family.
Our shop is family owned and operated. If you're not familiar with us, ask around town. Most folks in Hahira are eager to talk, and you'll find most to be honest! If you get a bad report, we apologize in advance for whatever we did wrong, and would love it if you would give us a chance to earn your trust and become your personal pet groomer!

We Are Local And Ready!

Our belief is that the key to finding a good groomer is finding one that works for both you and your pet. Does your pet prefer to be dried on his own in a crate away from handlers, or does he hate the crate and enjoy the hands on drying method? Does you pet have a hard time with the heavy traffic in some salons, or does he like the hustle and bustle? Is he ok with staying all day, or would he prefer to go home after his appointment? And, then there is the matter of the style. Are you happy with your stylists' haircuts?
In our opinion the one thing that should be of utmost importance across the board is that whomever you choose genuinely care about the well being of your pet, and that they do their best to make your pet as comfortable and safe as possible while they are in their care.

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